Welcome to the Youth Sailing Education Program

This is a place for those who want to explore the world, meet new, interesting people, develop skills and look for a new adventure.


Regardless of what motivates you to participate in the Program - passion for water and sailing, curiosity about the world, the desire to make new, interesting friendships or a step towards a well-paid profession, when you make your decision – write to us! Together with your guardians we will tell you how to take part. You need to forget about thoughts like: it’s impossible, I can’t manage it, I don’t know how…, it’s not for me… Let us tell you something: you will never know unless you try!


You don’t need any special skills at the very beginning (although, we are convinced, you do have the skills, even if you are not aware of it). You will learn everything during the Program itself. You only have to want, to desire, and the only thing which we require from you is your curiosity and engagement.


If you decide that you are going to give yourself a chance:


- you will gain qualifications allowing you to sail around the seas and oceans. Sailing is a great way to relax, chill out. But it can also offer good opportunities for earning money when you become an adult. The most persevering participants will sail on sailing trips around the world. Which of your friends has had the chance to do that?!


- you will learn how to use your strong skills - areas in which you can achieve outstanding results. You will need them when you look for a job, when preparing for your profession, as well as in your daily life;


- you will meet new friends who will be trustworthy. You will learn how to decide who is worthy of your trust and who isn’t; And, last but not least... - we offer unforgettable experiences, adventure and good fun.



What do you need to bring with you on board of the vessel. Some good advice and a list of items you will need during a sailing trip


Our youngsters moved on to the next stage of the Youth Sailing Education Program. Those with the longest sailing experience participated in sailing trips around the Baltic Sea during summer school breaks.


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